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At Logworks, we know art has the power to positively change people's lives and our shared planet.

Please click some of our highlighted projects for examples and reach out via our contact page to collaborate.

A documentary film exploring the culture, histories, and extraordinary identities of Southern Illinois over a year of production, Fall 2022 to 2023.

So Ill 1

A collection of anecdotes and life lessons (plus a few poems) from Logan Whorton's experiences as a runner, Army Officer, and artist. All funds go towards the forthcoming documentary film project about Southern Illinois.


A documentary snapshot of the life and mission of Ozro Hepworth, an educator, masseuse, and social media motivator who advocates "pOZitivity."

beautiful people cover.jpg

(2021, clothing)

Sustainable shirts for sustainable work, the Logworkshirts were a collaboration w/ Advanced StitchWorks in Los Angeles, California. Each shirt was sourced secondhand and embroidered with name of the supporter who purchased it, raising money for future projects of Logworks and Advanced StitchWorks.


Pico & Vermont
(2020, multi-media)

Pico & Vermont is a twelve-song album of music, written and produced by recording artist Fat Log, which raised awareness and funding for three organizations creating a positive impact in the Koreatown/Pico Union community of Los Angeles: Students Run LA (SRLA), Koreatown Popular Assembly (KPA), and Koreatown For All (KFA).

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